Parking Buddy


Kune Mobile

Parking Buddy is an android application created by Kune Mobile.

Parking Buddy allows you to:

– Locate your parked vehicle INDOORS using photos, text and a level description wheel.
– Locate your parked vehicle OUTDOORS using GPS accurate to 5meters.
– Set an ALARM for your parking meter that shows time remaining. You can also select your own Alarmtone.


NEW – Android 4.0+ Ice Cream Sandwich Support.
NEW – ActionBar for all android versions.
NEW – Added French & German languages.
NEW – Progress Indicator shows while getting location.
NEW – Tutorial screens show on first use and better explain how to use Parking Buddy. (can be reloaded at any time by pressing the help button)
NEW – Upgraded taskbar notifications
– Tapping on Parking Alarm notification now cancels alarm as well as loading Parking Alarm Page.
– Tapping on Parking Location notification automatically finds location of vehicle via google maps.
– Tapping on Parking Level Taskbar notification opens Parking level page or Photo(only if photo was taken recently).
NEW – Alarms now include vibration.
NEW – Added Cancel alarm button.
NEW – Added “get GPS on start” checkbox to allow more user control to location get process.

– Supports Android versions from 1.6 – 4.0+
– Tablet Support for Android 3.0+
– Location fix via GPS to within 5m.
– Set Alarm for you Parking Meter and choose you own alarm tone from any sound files on yor phone.
– Take a photo of your parking spot and view it in-app.
– Taskbar Notifications for location, level & remaining parking meter time.

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