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Posted by kunal at 12:12 am

Hello App lovers,

I haven’t updated this site in a few years so to start off please accept my heartfelt apologies to all 5 of you that were refreshing daily hoping for new content :-). I hope to make more regular posts this year and also update my theme to something more 2015! One step at a time though.

As a first step, I have updated my portfolio with some of the Android/iOS apps I have built for clients in the last few years, please feel free to take a peek & download the apps. (What you won’t see is the countless other prototypes that never made it past alpha, but that is a story for another post!)

QikBiz CRMMy Virtual Mission  |  Bay Bathroom Design

I have also been working on a new project that is starting to take shape. The project is called Movie Times, and simply it allows you to search for movie info & times in your local area. The app is currently in alpha stage testing for android and I hope to progress to Beta testing before end of the year. I will discuss more about the history and conception of this app in a later post however you can take a sneak peek here.

That is all for now, Thanks for reading.
I’ll talk to you in the next one.

Posted by kunal at 3:18 pm

The third update for Parking Buddy Free & Paid is now available

There is a huge amount of changes bringing Parking Buddy into Android 4.0-IceCreamSandwich Territory.


NEW – Android 4.0+ Ice Cream Sandwich Support.
NEW – ActionBar for all android versions.
NEW – Added French & German languages.
NEW – Progress Indicator shows while getting location.
NEW – Tutorial screens show on first use and better explain how to use Parking Buddy. (can be reloaded at any time by pressing the help button)
NEW – Upgraded taskbar notifications
– Tapping on Parking Alarm notification now cancels alarm as well as loading Parking Alarm Page.
– Tapping on Parking Location notification automatically finds location of vehicle via google maps.
– Tapping on Parking Level Taskbar notification opens Parking level page or Photo(only if photo was taken recently).
NEW – Alarms now include vibration.
NEW – Added Cancel alarm button.
NEW – Added “get GPS on start” checkbox to allow more user control to location get process.

Plus lots of bug fixes…see changelog on google play store for details

Check it out on the google play store via the links below

Free Version(Ad-Supported)
Android app on Google Play

Paid Version (Ad-Free)
Android app on Google Play